What is NSL?
The tournament will have teams of 2 players register to play in a citywide scavenger hunt and the winner receive a cash prize at the end. Once they pay for tournament city through an in-app purchase, they will have access to enter the tournament landing page on the app. This page will have the time and date of the tournament start as well as a map with borders of the playing field. They will also have 20 locked clues that will be activated on the day of the tournament. The tournament is one 12 hrs. day. Saturday 9am-9pm. On the day of the tournament, the players will all receive the first clue. This clue will lead them to the next clue. Once the player reached the second clue the locked clue will be revealed. Until the first team gets all 20 clues and wins or 9 pm on Saturday comes and the team that opened the most clues in the fastest time wins.
What do we win?
Grand prize will vary from each tournament. The prize will be announced the day the tournament is announced.
Do I need a phone and the app to play the game?
Yes! This is a mobile app-based game that will need an IOS based phone that has internet service. We are working on developing the App for the Google Play Store.
When will the tournament begin and end?
The tournament is one day. Saturday 9 am-9 pm. All tournaments start at 9 am local time on Saturday on their scheduled date and end exactly 12hrs after the start. Clues will all be unlocked at 9 am for all teams.
What is pre-registration?
We open pre-registration before we reveal the final dates of each hunt. Once the dares are announced we open regular registration.
How many teams per tournament?
We are only allowing a maximum 1000 teams per tournament.
If I win do I need to pay taxes on the prize?
Unfortunately, yes! All prize recipients will be required to furnish proper identification for completion of a 1099-MISC for tax purposes.
Can a tournament be canceled?
Yes. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone our tournaments due to overriding conditions, such as extreme weather, software issues, or anything that will interfere with the safety and wellbeing of players. Refunds will be offered for cancelled tournaments and rescheduled at a later date
Where should we start?
That is up to you and your strategy. Most people start near the center of the map.
What will the clues be?
Clues can be monuments, parks, historical sites, food, famous buildings, statues or business. Really anything physical that is in the city you are in. If the clue is a building or structure, clues WILL NOT be inside. DO NOT GO INSIDE THE BUILDING.
Can I work with another team?
Each team playing must be registered to play the tournament. If you want to work with other teams, you can as long they are registered. Players caught cheating will forfeit the winnings.
What transportation can I use?
Whatever works for you. Bikes, cars, trains, walking shoes, jet packs, hoverboards, camels or whatever...A flying DeLorean would be our choice!
Will every tournament have a winner?
Yes. Every tournament will have one champion. This will be the first to solve all 20 clues or if no team completes all clues and time expires from the start of the tournament the person who opened the most clues in the fastest time wins. We will also have 2nd and 3rd place winners as well.
What do I need to succeed?
You need a phone (IOS) that is compatible with our app. I would also bring water, snacks, extra battery, phone charger, comfortable shoes. Do some research into the city you are in. Stay hydrated and eat a big meal to start the day. Wear proper shoes and clothing, you will be outside in the elements. Get a good night of rest, bring your brain, be safe and most of all have fun!
What are the official rules?